Zero Balancing and Mental Health

Zero Balancing and Mental Health

Excerpt taken from Experiencing the Power of Zero Balancing; Case Studies of Journeys to Health and Wholeness, published by the Zero Balancing Health Association. Testimonial by Anne Wissler, LCSW, CMT, Cert. Yoga Therapy, CZB

My first impressions of Zero Balancing, first as a receiver, and then as a practitioner, sparked a vision of its potential to catalyze inner growth by accessing a felt sense of one’s fundamental wholeness. Often, people with trauma histories are so organized to protect and deft that their very identity is woven into patterns of limitation. The defensive matrix, contrived to outside awareness to keep them safe, can deny direct access to their own wholeness and peace. By contacting primal bone-held energy ZB reaches safely below the cognitive personality matrix, inviting an experience of one’s original nature that is not entangled within this limiting matrix. This deep knowing helps to hold the caught or limited self in a bigger energy field as it softens, releases and reorganizes, freeing the receiver to continue to evolve.

From this vision, one client stood out as a good candidate for receiving ZB in conjunction with her psychotherapy growth process. At the time, MJ was a 45-year-old marries artist and writer. She had a history of trauma, anxiety, and fatigue with debilitating body tensions, panic attacks, disrupted sleep patterns, food allergies and racing thoughts. Incapacitating fear-based clenching patterns often hijacked her body, generating pain, draining her energy, and escalating physical and emotional sensitivity. Her strong capacity for self-reflection served to develop a good understanding of various limiting patterns. Any yet listening to her, I could not detect her sense of being at home in her body, that reservoir of wholeness that I knew was there. But did she?

While new to practicing ZB, I offered it from my persisting sense that it could allow MJ to access that substrate of well-being sealed off by an over-active intellect. Introducing ZB to her, I said that it balances energy with structure, organizing, clarifying and freeing bone-held energy to be recycled back into her system, and the people often find ZB deeply meditative and relaxing. Given that these ideas were familiar to her form yoga, she was eager to explore this modality.

Zero Balancing

We began with three sessions one week apart to acquaint her with the work and begin to build on its effects. We minimized talking and kept a simple frame for each session: to explore the experience of receiving ZB. Initially, she was pleased and curious and how relaxed she could feel. Given the working relationship of trust we already had, she was energetically open and receptive to the work, even though her intellect could neither direct nor account for its effects. Instead, she was challenged to rely more on her embodied experience, a less familiar channel of knowing.

From these three sessions, she decided to continue to receive ZB on an average of once every three weeks. Suspending expectations for immediate results, our overriding intention was to build a reservoir of experience of the inherent stability underlying the taxing, trauma-based was she protects herself. Still, useful effects were immediate: a solidness experienced in the legs, which persistently conveyed sensations of groundedness, purveying a confidence that showed up in her posture; physical/bodily sensations supported by a moment-to-moment choice to explore, rather than block feelings, thus reducing internal pressure of feelings building up. Correspondingly, I noticed a positive back-and-forth loosening or re-shuffling through her energy felid while giving the ZB. These changes appeared to have a profound effect on our psychotherapy sessions – MJ now softening into feeling instead of intellectually distancing herself.

At six months, I was surprised and touch by the spontaneous emerging of soundings from her depths. She stopped the self-imposed ‘workouts’ she’d hated, replacing them with forms of exercise that nourished her. She tolerated the “fuzzy-headedness” that sometimes occurs when making deep energetic shifts in ZB. This lead to tolerance of the inevitable uncertainty and chaos within the creative cycle of her work. Her frames for the sessions became clearer and more succinct, rather than convoluted. During one ZB session, it dawned on her that she’d been sleeping more soundly, having turned off the white noise machine she had needed to manage noise sensitivity, forgetting about it for some months. From this most basic shift into a deeper knowing of herself, MJ was freeing herself to continue to evolve and allow the flow of nervous system recovery to take place. This could then have a positive, beneficial effect on cognitive function, relationship resilience and rolling with life’s uncertainties. Less worried by how and when her body my “crash” and pull her back from life, her physically stress signals became more localized, and MJ had a means for self-understanding and compassion through the inner work of psychotherapy.

As she settled into understanding her body, rather than fearing it, the psychotherapy process naturally accelerated. She brought more resilience and self-trust to proactively working within the relational sphere. She began to schedule ZB sessions when she wanted to access her creative inspirations, or to get unstuck in her process. While there is no way to say what might have occurred in the same year without ZB, I was surprised when MJ took a leap “ahead of schedule” as compared to non-ZB clients. A threshold was crossed and stabilized from which she demonstrated a gratifying, deep-rooted trust in herself.

From this experience, I can see other situations in which ZB is likely to be a catalyst for growth and change, by giving people more access to themselves on a deep level. Additionally, I have no doubt that clients of mine, who have not directly experienced ZB, have still benefited indirectly from the deep peace and joy that ZB has brought to me over the year as a receiver. To go beneath the cognitive personality level and bask in the wellsprings of wisdom grants the conviction of unity and integrity that colors all of human life more richly and expansively, while grounding in its simplicity.
~Anne Wissler, LCSW, CMT, Cert. Yoga Therapy, CZB

Atlanta, GA

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