More about my practice

Fritz Smith, MD and founder of Zero Balancing points to the essence of my practice well:

Our body is the template of who we are. It holds our hopes and potentials, our fears and limitations, in both our inner and outer worlds. As we alter the template the person is given a fresh opportunity for change, growth, and inner peace”

I would say Dr. Fritz’s words perfectly describe our innate holistic nature and the interconnected physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. As one, these different aspects work together and give rise to the complete being that we experience ourselves to be; by touching one, we can touch and effect change in all.

Grounded in my training in both holistic bodywork and energy healing modalities, my role, then, is to:

  • Amplify vitality and wellbeing on all levels
  • Facilitate the release of physical tension and patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that create pain, dysfunction and limitation
  • Support the whole being and the unfolding of life in the most authentic, balanced and joyful way

There is also an element of what I would call grace in this work. While we need focus and intention to guide the process and each session, we equally cultivate an attitude of surrender and trust, opening ourselves to receive whatever is most needed for us at the time; without fixating strongly on a particular outcome, we align ourselves with the deeper wisdom, power, and healing potential inherent in each one of us.

I think it’s important to understand that this kind holistic healing supports both the short and long-term healing process. This means that there will be periods of quick, unexpected and dramatic change, as well as longer stretches of subtle, but constant, transformation and integration. Each of these qualities are important and necessary parts of the healing process. Remembering this can re-frame our current experience in a positive light, put our minds and hearts at greater ease, and align us with the deeper, subtle, and profound changes that are taking place.

Also, the work that I offer is intended to support wellness and healing on all levels, and should be considered a compliment to, rather than a substitute for, additional medical or professional treatment if appropriate.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

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