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Spiritual Teachers, Wisdom, and other Resources

Amma:  Living saint, spiritual teacher, and humanitarian leader

Adyashanti: American-born spiritual teacher and author
Recommended reading by Adyashanti:  Falling into Grace, The End of your world, The Way of Liberation, True Meditation

Baba Neem Karoli: Saint (passed away in 1973)
Recommend reading about Maharajji:  The Miracle of Love (by Ram Dass)

Guther Hauk: Pioneer of biodynamic beekeeping, author, and founder of Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary
Recommended reading by Gunther Hauk:  Towards Saving the Honeybee

Scott Kiloby: Author, developer of the Living Inquiries, and founder of The Kiloby Center for Recovery
Recommended reading by Scott Kiloby:  Living Relationship, Natural Rest for Addiction

Ramana Maharshi: Spiritual teacher
Recommended reading by Ramana Maharshi:  Be as You Are

Rivendell Apiaries: My natural, sustainable, bee-friendly beekeeping initiative

VortexHealing®:  Energetic healing art and path of spiritual awakening

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