ReikiReiki is a hands-on, holistic energetic healing art that works to relax, nourish, clarify, and harmonize the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Reiki was born in the early 1920’s in Japan, through the life-changing spiritual awakening of a dedicated and sincere Buddhist monk. Since then, Reiki has spread far and wide, and become the most well-known and accessible style of energy work in the world.

Simply put, Reiki is the name of the loving, healing energy that Reiki practitioners can access and channel for themselves and others. When we begin channeling, the Reiki energy flows through us, into our intended receiver, guided by it’s own intelligence; it is enough to place our hands on the body or in an area of imbalance and begin channeling – Reiki will flow and work in whatever way is most needed, and always works for our highest good.

Reiki sessions involve a series of hand positions held gently on, or slightly above, the receiver. Each hand position connects with and helps bring the Reiki energy into important physical and energetic centers throughout the body: crown, brain/head, throat/thyroid, heart, solar plexus, abdomen, knees, feet, etc. While each Reiki session can cover the entire body and all important physical/energetic centers, we can also work on specific areas of imbalance.

The healing benefits of Reiki are also becoming recognized in hospitals, hospices and rehabilitation centers all over the world. In Japan, and increasingly in other parts of the world, there are entire clinics dedicated to the practice and teaching of Reiki. Because anyone can learn to give Reiki, doctors often encourage family members and friends of their patients to learn and give Reiki to aid in their recovery.

Reiki sessions are given fully-clothed on the treatment table. Sessions last around 60 minutes, including time before and after for questions and sharing.

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