Intuitive Reading & Healing

Energy Reading & HealingThese Intuitive Reading and Healing sessions are intended to help you create lasting, valuable change, and take the next step toward the healthiest, fullest and freest life possible.

Guided by VortexHealing® Energy Healing and my own intuitive skills, these sessions focus reading the issues that are held in the body/energy system and helping you:

  • Identify whatever issue is creating the most limitation in your life
  • Create movement/release for this issue, wherever it’s being held in the body/enegy system
  • Energize and harmonize the body/energy system to support overall wellbeing

A Typical Session

Each session starts with a few minutes of sharing and answering any questions you may have. When ready, we’ll have you get comfortable on the treatment table and begin with a few minutes of relaxing, centering, and energizing your system to support deeper release and overall wellbeing.

From there, we’ll work with the intention to release whatever issue is most restricting your energy system and creating limitation in your life, as deeply as possible wherever it is being held. As we connect with the issue and it begins to move/release, I’ll share my sense of what the issue is, where it’s held in the body/energy system, and anything else that feels significant as this process unfolds. There will also be plenty of space to let you rest in silence to receive, enjoy, and have your own direct experience.

Often what shows up in these sessions are the limiting attitudes, beliefs, traumas, fears, self-deficiency stories and ancestral conditioning that we’ve been operating from for most, if not all, of our lives. If we are not born with these issues, they are often adopted in early childhood and powerfully influence the way we experience and live in the world. By seeing and releasing these issues at their source, we create new possibilities for change, transformation and healing to take place.

When the release feels complete for this session, we’ll finish with integration to help align your consciousness and body/energy system with what life is like without this particular issue. Sessions last about an hour.

During the session

During sessions, some people fall into deep states of relaxation and light dreaming, while others feel strong movements of energy, emotions, feelings, images and thoughts. Sometimes sessions feel expansive, sometimes grounding, sometimes beyond words, and sometimes slightly uncomfortable as our issues move and release. Usually, a single session includes several, if not all, of these experiences. Your experience during the session, however, is less important than the process it puts into motion and supports.

After the session

These sessions support a very deep healing process, and what you feel directly after the session may be, and usually is, different each time. Some sessions may leave you feeling significantly lighter, freer, clearer, more energized and in less pain, while others may leave you feeling a little more tired than usual and very deep sleep follows soon after. Because these sessions work to create movement and release of issues at their core, old issues may temporarily resurface as they work themselves out of your system. Sometimes you might not be sure anything has happened, though you do feel different in ways you can’t quite put your finger on. All of these experiences are normal, and all are a part of the transformation that is taking place.

Also, while these sessions can only support your long-term wellness, I also always advise clients to seek complimentary counseling or therapy should strong physical/mental/emotional experiences arise.

Package sessions

Each session is complete on its own, and the movement it generates may be with you and continuing to integrate for quite some time. Others feel that it begins a very deep process and more sessions would be beneficial. I do offer and recommend 3-session packages for the greatest possible support.

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