Integrated Sessions

These sessions integrate elements of both bodywork and energy healing to provide the greatest possible support. Most sessions work on one or more of the following, and usually much more:

  • Addressing the physical body’s tensions/pains/issues and overall flow of energy
  • Relaxing, clearing and energizing our entire energy system and physical body
  • Transforming the deeper sources of our physical, emotional and mental issues
  • Grounding, centering, and stabilizing the system
  • Clearing trauma or shock held in the system
  • Facilitating the body’s self-healing ability and supporting recovery
  • Creating space in our lives for new possibilities and solutions to emerge

A Typical Session

To begin, we’ll spend some time sharing, getting clear about what you would like to address, and answering any questions. When the focus of our session is clear, we’ll have you get comfortable on the treatment table or floor mat. Integrated sessions include both bodywork and energetic healing, and are always received fully clothed.

We generally begin each session with bodywork to relax, nurture, open and evaluate the physical body and its overall flow of energy. We can incorporate elements of foot reflexology, Thai bodywork, and/or Zero Balancing to best meet your needs and address the focus of our session.

When our work with the physical body feels complete, we’ll move into hands-off energetic healing with VortexHealing® Energy Healing to continue relaxing, clearing, and energizing the system and physical body, and to address any other issues within our session frame. We often finish with a few more minutes of bodywork for additional integration. Each session ends with time for sharing and feedback.

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