Natural Beekeeping Internship

The most unexpected and wonderful news has just arrived!

In the beginning of December, I submitted my application to be an intern at Gunther Hauk’s honeybee sanctuary in Floyd, Virginia this summer. Gunther is a well-known and well-loved pioneer in the field of natural beekeeping, and his work with the bees has been a huge inspiration to me. When the invitation for a new Sanctuary intern was sent out, I had to apply. Because of the great interest in this internship position, I truly had no expectation of being accepted. So I sent off my application and continued on with my local beekeeping plans.

And then, just a few days ago, I received an email saying that my application had been accepted and that I would be one of two new interns at the Sanctuary this year!

We arranged a phone conversation later in the week, so I had a few days to sit with this news to decide if going away this year was the right thing to do. After exploring all the possibilities, it was pretty clear that spending more time at the Sanctuary was the best thing I could possibly do. Yesterday I had a phone conversation with Gunther, and it looks like I’ll be heading out to Virginia at the end of February, to be a full-time intern at the Sanctuary until December.

I’m currently seeing clients full-time until I leave, so if you’d like a session before I go, now is the time to schedule! Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns you might have, and I also ask for your blessings as I move in this unexpected, yet very significant direction. I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing my time at the Sanctuary with you. I’ll make regular updates here, and also at

Thanks again for all your support.

PS – If you haven’t seen Queen of The Sun, I highly recommend it! Gunther is featured in the film, and other than being a very inspiring documentary, it will give you a little taste of what I’ll be getting into this year.