Welcome! Holistic Bodywork Chicago is the private wellness practice of Ryan Lee. From his private office in Chicago’s North Side, Ryan offers holistic body-based therapy that supports physical wellness and vitality, mental/emotional healing, and a deeper connection to our own inner resources, wholeness and potential.

The foundation of Ryan’s practice is Zero Balancing, though each treatment draws from over 14 years of experience and can include elements of other body-based therapies, such as Thai/Shiatsu bodywork, acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy, foot reflexology, energy healing, and others, to best meet the needs of each client. 

Each treatment can address specific issues, pain and/or imbalances, as well as support goals for wellness, self-growth and life transitions. No matter the focus, our deeper intention for each treatment is not to force change or healing to happen, but to create the most optimal conditions for healing, growth and transformation to occur. 

Feel free to explore this site, and please contact Ryan with any questions.

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